Women and Allies Eureka Springs - Dec. 12th


Together we are stronger.

WHO: Women and Allies - This includes but is not limited to: People of Color, LGBTQA/GNC, Immigrants, Disabled Persons, and any other marginalized communities, and allies. This means men are welcome to attend.

WHY: If you have felt targeted, threatened, triggered, afraid or embarrassed by the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election and need to stand together as a community to remember that we are stronger together.

In 1975 the women of Iceland walked out of work to prove to the country thier worth - they showed that together they were a force to be heard - and we are going to do the same thing in Eureka Springs.

Step out of your homes, work, your day to day to come together to remind and remember that you are part of a vibrant, strong, powerful community that is holding the line for everyone who needs us.

BRING: Your Message. Get so mad you make a sign! Bring your message and we will have postcards that you can send to the President Elect straight from our community to his tower in New York City.

This effort is part of a national walk out originating out of New York.
  • Basin Spring Park
    3 Spring St, Eureka Springs
  • Monday Dec 12, 2016
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